Our Pricing

Discounts are also added when purchasing multiple items (example: website and marketing materials)

As with any custom work, nailing down an exact price without knowing the projects content is very difficult. These prices are purely representative of what a project of this size costs. Any projects will be quoted, for free, before begining any work.

Website Design

1. Website Design Only - $100
2. Basic Website (3-5 pages) - $700
3. Informational Website (6-15 pages) - $1000
4. Website with "Member's Area" (Users & Logins) - $1400

Add Ons & Hosting

1. Content Management - $300 + $10/month
2. Domain Registration - $20/year
3. Copy Writing - $100/page
4. Hosting - $20/month

This isn't a full list of our web services, just the barebones basics that we offer. For custom or inbetween solutions, we will give 100% free, no hassle quotes!

Web Apps

Productivity Apps

Analytical Apps

Our applications programming is a little harder to pin point exact prices due to the custom and specific nature of each business. So these listed prices are general numbers to give an idea of how much an application may cost. Any custom application would require a quote specifically for you and your needs. These numbers are purely representational.

1. Basic Data Entry & Viewing App - $1200
2. Basic Productivity Application - $2000
3. Deep Dive Analytical Application - $3000

Marketing Materials

1. Flyers/Postcards - $40/side
2. Letterheads/Envelopes - $40
3. In store Signage - $30/piece
4. Exterior Signage/ Window Graphics - $100/piece
5. Promotional Items - $30/piece
6. Full Re-Brand - $1000
6. Logo Design - $50

Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies are usually priced on an individual basis, due to the different needs of businesses. But as a general starting point, our full marketing strategies packages range from around $2000 - $5000, depending on the depth that is needed, as well as budget.

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